Hello Addictor!! Street Fighter 6 Is Out Now And This Immensive seventh title of Fabulous Fighting Game Series Released on 2nd June 2023 Worldwide across all plateform with posters “Your Moment Your Fight”.Here we are discussing 5 best thing you experiance when you put money on this next revolutionary game.

ROSTER :   Game Hits your screen with 18 fantastic characters from Franchise Face characters like Ryu,Ken,Chun Li,Cammy to new debut Jamie.Kimberly,Merrisa,Dee Jay(my favourite),JP (like Bison),New Lead and Poster Character “Luke” which you saw in SF5 DLC with this you will definately experiance diversify styles and combos to play with traditional nostalgia.All Characters are unique in their costumes and game offers alternates also make their own fanbase.All rating agencies and review are appreciating 9 out of 10. Games engine that not only improves codes and lag free gameplay but gives you high quality graphics to test your current generation console.Moreover SF6 Developer recently shared their future road map with audience to bring 4dlc fighters in order (AKI, Rashid, Ed, Akuma) 3 months gap for a year.         

Showing Ports Where Available

NEW CONTROL MECHANICS : It gives my Personal Thumbs-up to developer (finally got to know arcade era is gone) and very well hyped during leaks and teased during beta testing and various showcase seasons.As console and Pc gamer in UK-US and half of the world (not Japan) struggling with arcade controls how to do combo gamers play MK, Killer Stinct and Tekken over It. But with this punch will really brings new waves of players and keep it try to engage them untill new fighting games hit the screens like Tekken 8 (TBA) MK1 (19Sept23).

CROSS PLATFORM : We All Know Console War is thing of Past with Now recently Microsoft admitting for first time on twitter in histroy.Well this is another hot debatable topic we dive into near future.But Street Fighter 6 with its Battle Hub Mode Player can meet up with other player with their created custom player and Fight with them in fighting ground online feature in Battle Hub despite which device you are playing on wheter it is PS5/PS4/Windows/Xbox player can fight on different ports match making and communicate in avatar battle players can checkout events ongoing and compete with other players.

WORLD TOUR :  Capcom did really good job taking every aspect you’d expect from new era of fighting games whatever the industry competition it is from customization (tekken).open world beat-em-up, Your personal character and story buildup taking count on Jump Force. Powered with RE-Engine SF6 don’t only gives appealing visuals but game modes with no Fat and Fillers.You get Custom Character with Robust World Tour Mode. 

SALE : With Game Announced Past 1 year their is huge hype arround the market of SF6 and why not.Street Fighter is renowned for their more then 3 decades and it is the first fight game came to 9th generation consoles. With promising gameplay and innovation with Modes this title really deserve Ground Breaking Sale. 

        Game sold 1 million copies globally in first 3 days and 60 million as of now comparing SF5 to sale 1.4 million in 3 months which indicates the capcom really understood marketing and studied Do’s and Don’ts. which reflectes in their 1  year campaign on various social handles with leaks and teas where no rival presents.Games launghing trailler witnessing Lil Wayne is another gauge. 

  The Francise was very promising to fullfill what gamers want and really improved to Best Fighting experiance this game is really a contendor of best fighting game of the year 2023 whether financially or critically its top on all sheets.


Dear reader, Being An Addictor Heartly Wellcome to I hope you make up your mind to buy this fantastic game and this article helped you to check some key points that game offers to gamers all around glob.

Note : All Oppinnion ar writers personal.         Disclaimer : All copyrights are owned by their respective owners.    

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